News of the Tweet: An Onion of Opinions

The Olympic Protection Racket, Lopes and more fun.

That's quite the statement. Beautifully succinct and I doubt anyone would question the credibility of Muhammad Ali ruminating on such a topic.

Someone else who knows a lot about winning is mountain biking's equivalent of Dick Dastardly, Brian Lopes. I don't know what he did to begin the stream of bullying but there has been documented evidence of why he continues to be the personality with the most…insults aimed at him.

I don't think he has been just watching the view though. With a clear win in the first round of the UCI XCE at Houffalize the forty year old looks far from ready to sit back and wet himself on the deck of his SoCal pad. For anyone wondering, XCE is Cross-Country Eliminator, a new event the UCI have introduced and is basically a minute long sprint around a short course. The course at Houffalize was off-road, featured lots of punchy climbs and quick descents. The format seems to suit hard tail bikes with on-the-fly lock-out forks and dropper posts, judging from the top riders’ steeds. But don't be fooled, the racing looks absolutely terrifying. There were crashes, elbow rubbing, start gates out of a lit up stage, and the way Lopes went round the course in the final was, frankly, ridiculous.

The racing doesn't look much different than 4X to be honest. However, there are people that moan the loss of 4X's UCI World Cup status anyway. Olly Wilkins is one rider who gets what riding a bike is all about. He once said in an interview that if a rider couldn't have fun riding in a parking lot then they can't have fun anywhere.

Here he is with his take on Enduro racing. Gold.

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It might not be Phantasmagorical Ruby camera footage slowed down to glacial express pace but "bad" videos are increasingly becoming some of the best.

In Queenstown, New Zealand, a bunch of British ex-pats rule part of the chicken run and this is a short video of their life. Be warned, it is absolutely stupid, might make no sense, and is full of references that you may only get if you have ever met Ginger Si. However, there is something serious to be said about just getting out and doing something fun. Remember, mountain biking is serious business. Seriously serious. Bikes aren't expensive kids toys, they are weapons of mass consumption.

But back to Lopes, one thing for sure is he isn't getting fat – not proper fat anyway—despite the internet rumors.

Dan Atherton seems to be the focus of some internet rumoring too. Is he or isn't he injured? He says no. The mixed messages from the various media streams seem to be comical. Talking of Comic Sans…

Not the way you want to brand your business. They need some advice from the branding police.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the bureaucratic arm in charge of strong-arming the London Olympic games, is putting some very stringent regulations in place to make sure that sponsors and affiliates investments are protected. The Olympics have some very serious legislation on their side to protect trademarks, copyrights, and outlaws even association with the Olympics unless businesses are official sponsors. The powers they have are remarkable and perhaps of a level that big businesses can only dream about. Read more about the Olympic dream HERE.

I like to follow a few mainstream celebs and characters just to keep check on the not-so-real real world outside of the schoolyard that is mountain biking. Ricky Gervais is a serial tweeter and seems to love inciting real anger and hatred in his followers. He positively encourages the banter of 140 character battles with people of differing opinions. Religion is one of his go-to riot starters.

He has his opinion and others have theirs but the entertainment comes from how he presents his, or more so, questions other people opinions. Talking of opinions, this little blog post by Seth Goldin, marketing pundit and social commentator, ponders that if everyone is entitled to their own opinion should we actually have to listen.

Which is probably the perfect place to end this before anyone questions my opinions. Read what he has to say and leave your opinion in the comments field below.