By Vernon Felton

For the past month, we’ve been running a contest on Facebook, Twitter and within our weekly newsletter. The premise was simple: click a link, go to Jett’s website, type in your name, hit “Enter” and pray to the Gods of Shwag that someone at Jett would pick you as one of the 10 winners of some fine Jett kit.

Well, the contest is over and it’s time to announce the ten lucky victors. At the risk of sounding like Ed McMahon (of the Publishers’ Clearing House Fame) “People really win.”

And here are their names:
Ashley Swift
Christine Kelly
Chris Erickson
Zip Macrae
George Ellis
Gary Schlagheck
Matt Russell
Evan Parise
Jesse Forth
Luke Horning

Interested in checking out Jett’s full line of gear? Check it out here.