Words by Nicole Formosa
Photos by Anthony Smith
Video by Taylor Sage

Kyle Strait may be one of the world's most talented mountain bikers, but it turns out, he's not bad with a metal detector either. With the help of Strait's buddy Taylor Sage, we lured him to the sandy shores of Newport Beach recently, and convinced him to do a little treasure seeking with the "Bounty Hunter," apparently the detector of choice for seekers everywhere of obscure metals, loose change and old soda can tabs.

After some time waving the wand in the sand—and in the sea—Strait hit what he thought was paydirt: two Budweiser tallboys cans. Full cans. Alas, the real treasure came moments later, when he uncovered a framed (sort of) cover of the upcoming July issue of Bike, displaying a John Gibson photo of Strait mid-air at the Red Bull Rampage.

Here's Sage's video of how the evening unfolded, along with a few photos of shoot by Bike's assistant photo editor Anthony Smith.

Read the feature on Strait's rise to DH and freeride racing royalty, and the plateaus and pitfalls he's navigated along the way, in the July issue of Bike. On newsstands June 10.