A newsletter from Clementz today stated that Jerome crashed this past weekend while racing the Enduro Cup in Blausasc, France. According to the release, his pedal struck a rock, pitching Jerome off his bike, and onto his left shoulder, dislocating it and tearing ligaments. The rider has opted for surgery, which will take place on the 26th of this month. With a 3-month recovery time, Jerome will be unable to defend his Enduro World Series title, but hopes to at least be able to race the final round in Finale Ligure in early October. Jerome was quoted in the newsletter, saying, “I’m sad not to be able to fight for an other title of the EWS, but I’m excited to see my friends fight for the overall. I’m sure the battle will be awesome and will provide a legitimate champion at the end of the season.”

Here’s a short video showing the fall.