By Vernon Felton

2013 marks Bike’s 20th year of running around with scissors and our big anniversary has us thinking about the stories we want to share with our readers–stories about the brands (and the people behind them) that changed mountain biking.

Ibis Cycles was the logical place to start.

Few brands have a legacy equal to that of Ibis—a company that, over the course of its 32 years in business, has weathered every trend, movement and crazy idea in the mountain bike industry. Along the way, Ibis has also created some of the sport's most iconic bikes and products.

How did they do it? Or more exactly, how did he do it? Scot Nicol, a.k.a. "Chuck Ibis" is Ibis' founder and leading light. Nicol has been instrumental in taking this small, NorCal company and making it an internationally-revered brand.

Watch Scot Nicol Live on Friday Night
So, how did he do it? This Friday (April 12th) at 8 P.M. (Pacific Standard Time) we're all going to find out during this installment of our new Ask a Founder series. Log on to at eight o'clock because we're broadcasting a talk with Scot Nicol, live from Mission Workshop's headquarters in San Francisco.

Ask Ibis’ Founder Whatever You Want
This is your chance to ask Nicol anything about Ibis—the bikes, the journey, the brilliant ideas, the blunders….you name it. So get your questions in now by using #askchuckibis on Twitter and we'll do our best to toss your queries in front of Mr. Ibis.

Remember to log on to to see the show. Nicol has promised to simultaneously swallow fire while giving a PowerPoint presentation with both hands tied behind his back. We're holding him to it.