By Ryan Palmer

Every year, QBP (bicycle and components distributor, Quality Bicycle Products) invites retailers and industry types to its home-base of Minneapolis to get the skinny on the new products that QBP is (or will soon be) carrying. Not long ago, I posted my rundown of 10 cool things from FrostBike.

In honor of the spring thaw that’s melting things across this land of ours, I’m dripping out five more cool things from the show here and now. Here goes…

Whispbar roof racks are the only thing out there specifically designed around aerodynamics. Not only are they quiet, they won't ruin your fuel economy or make your car look like a Land Cruiser on safari. The stylish fork mount can quickly adapt to accept open dropout or 15-mm, through-axle forks, and with their QuickDock system, you can literally add or remove gear mounts, in seconds. They also make ski and boat mounts that are equally as whispery.

The Light & Motion Taz 1200 is a bar-mounted light that puts out an amazing 1200 lumens. At $300 bucks, this light offers plenty of illumination for serious night rides in a lightweight, commuter-friendly package, so you can use one light for everything. And since the battery is integrated, you can swap it from your commuter to mountain bike in no time.

Küat racks have made a splash in the hitch-rack market. Made from high-quality materials, they've earned a good reputation. The new Rufee fork mount is no different, and it'll adapt from open dropouts to 15 and 20-millimeter through axle forks.

The new WTB Vigilante 2.3 sports a versatile, dual-compound tread, mid-weight casing and Inner Peace sidewall protection, putting the new tire right in the sweet spot of weight and durability for aggressive trail riding and enduro racing.

We're not sure exactly what to call the Race Face Charge. These ultralight pads are basically courage-enhancement sleeves. While they won't offer a lot of protection against impacts, they'll save your skin on a gnarly xc ride. We think they'll make great knee warmers during spring and fall as well, since they shouldn't tear as easily as traditional warmers.