Deity Reveals Cam Zink Signature Bar

Deity recently launched their new Cameron Zink signature handlebar, the CZ38 Special.

Material- Custom Gradient Butted 7075-T73 aluminum
Width- 760mm
Rise- 38mm
Diameter- 31.8mm
Backsweep- 9.5 Degrees
Upsweep- 4.5 Degrees
Weight- 310 grams
MSRP- $95

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Take a quick winter ride through Cameron Zink’s local Reno trails on board his Deity CZ38 Special signature handlebar. Filmed/Edited by Lush Cinema

The CZ38 Special went through multiple prototypes during its two-year journey from concept to finished product. The many proto bars allowed Deity and Zink to test various butting profiles, upsweeps, and also backsweeps.

Influenced by Zink’s desire to relax the angles of his favorite handlebars, the Dirty30 and Blacklabel, the CZ38 Special's unique "feel" comes from a half degree change in both directions. What may seem subtle can make a dramatic difference in terms of feel and the 9.5-degree backsweep and 4.5-degree upsweep give the CZ38 Special a distinctive flavor among the respected Deity handlebar line.

"The CZ38 project began as we were about to launch our new butting process a year and a half ago and the technology we were playing around with allowed us to dive right into making him the best handlebar possible,” says Deity, owner and designer, Eric Davies. “Right out of the gate we were posting incredible test results, but the proof would be in how it felt under Cam.”

“During this time, we made three very different prototypes that featured multiple geometry options, from slight adjustments to our butting dimensions, to new heat-treatment ideas. It was an exciting time as we had redesigned all of our handlebars, expanded our potential via new tooling, and invested into researching possibilities during the heat treatment process.

“I am incredibly proud of the end result,” says Davies “but more than anything, we are honored to be able to pay tribute to Cameron Zink with his own signature handlebar model."

From the acclaimed "Where the Trail Ends" to every major slopestyle comp of 2012, the CZ38 Special traveled the world as Cameron put each prototype incarnation through its paces.

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