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Shoes, Hats, Shirts, Hoodies....Give Someone the Gift That Doesn't Suck for Christmas

Our DZR-built shoes are clipless-compatible and--at the moment--they're also on sale. Get `em while they last.

By Vernon Felton

Christmas is right around the corner and that means it’s the time of the year when people begin “gifting” one another bottles of Old Spice, entirely inedible loaves of fruit cake and all manner of vaguely religious and blatantly creepy greetings cards.

Well, “Screw that,” we say. Oh, and “Ho, ho, ho” and all that mess.

Get somebody (or yourself, for that matter) the gift that kicks ass–just visit

Examples? Those limited-edition Bike magazine shoes at the top of the page are made for us by DZR and sport SPD-soles, a reinforced co-molded shank, an outsole designed with a high traction tread, and a padded upper with Velcro straps so your laces don’t get chewed up by your chain. The uppers are made from a lightweight PU synthetic that dries quickly and is totally Vegan. No cows were butchered in the making of these shoes, which should warm the hearts of everyone out there who’s squeamish about hamburgers and the like. Added bonus–right now, you can save $30 on a pair of these shoes, which makes them a serious steal.

Now you can get all Unabomber-Chic with our hoodie. It's perfect for job interviews!

We’ve also got hoodies, hats and t-shirts at prices that even the fiscally-challenged can stomach. And did we mention that people will actually like these gifts? Yep, when you hand these bad boys over to some lucky person in your life, you’ll get neither the awkward silence or the strained smile which signal intestinal distress or thoughts along the lines of “Dammit, how the hell am I going to Ebay this thing?

There you have it: rad stuff. On sale. Right now. Go to


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