Bell Rings in the Holiday with Shovels and Dirt

Bell Employees Give Back to Local Trails

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The folks at Bell had a rather unconventional holiday party on Monday Dec. 17. While employees at surrounding Bay Area companies may have gone the typical wine, cheese and cheesy sports coat holiday party route, Bell employees decided to celebrate the Bell way: give back and get dirty doing it with half a day of trail work on sacred local Santa Cruz dirt.

For its holiday party this Monday, Bell rang in the holidays with shovels, rakes, gloves and plenty of mushy dirt along with reps rom the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC), helping improve a steep section of the Emma McCrary mountain bike trail in the Santa Cruz mountains (Pogonip). This hands-on effort follows a $5,000 donation Bell made earlier this year to the development of the trail.

Over several hours, the Bell and MBOSC team were able to:
1. Reinforce berms and the trail edges to minimize erosion
2. Build up proper angles on the trail to ensure that water will flow according to the trail layout and not wash away the trail
3. Replant trees to prevent people from riding off-trail to cut corners on trail switchbacks

"Trails are the lifeblood of mountain biking, and mountain biking is a big part of our business and what the Bell brand is about," said Bell Director of Brand Marketing Don Palermini. "And while we're happy to write a check for a project like this, it pales in comparison to the visceral sense of accomplishment that digging in the dirt brings."