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At the beginning of this week, we saw YT announce minor updates to its lineup for 2019, including new paint jobs and some tweaks in build options. There weren’t, however, any updates to the Jeffsy. Yesterday, in a release video starring none other than Christopher Walken, a brand new Jeffsy was teased, but no details were given. Finally, today is the day that we get the see the Jeffsy MK2, for real this time.

01 – JEFFSY29 – CF Pro Race – Deep Petrol – Front Edit
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Even upon a casual glance, it’s apparent that the Jeffsy MK2 has had some fairly major tweaks and geo adjustments. This is only confirmed once you look at the numbers—it’s a whole new bike. More travel and the classic “longer, lower and slacker” ethos has been applied, but that’s not to say that YT hasn’t sweated the details in the process. The pivots have been reworked for better performance in mud, the Jeffsy 29 sports a sort-offset fork, a new magnetic “Thirstmaster 4000” bottle mount system is in place (yes, it’s actually called “Thirstmaster 4000”) and an XXL size has been added—to name just a few of the many changes.

The Rundown

Both the Jeffsy 27 and 29 have gotten a bump in travel, which edges each bike slightly closer to Capra territory. However, with an increase in anti-squat and refined pedal kinematics, the Jeffsy is certainly still a more trail-oriented bike.

While nearly every angle has been tweaked, there are a few standouts. On the Jeffsy 29, a 44-millimeter (Fox) or 42-millimeter (RockShox) offset fork is now used in combination with a slacker, flip-chip-adjustable 66.5-/67-degree headtube angle. The reach has been extended as well, a medium now comes in at 454 millimeters with 435-millimeter chainstays. On that note, once you go over a large, the chainstays grow with reach, topping out in the new XXL size with a 514-millimeter reach and 440-millimeter chainstays. The XL size shares the same 440-millimeter chainstay, but any smaller and that measurement drops to 435. The most notable geo tweak is the seat tube angle, which is now 77.5-/78-degrees. If you’ve ever watched any of our Bible of Bike Test videos, you know that will draw solid praise from us once we get a chance to throw a leg over the new Jeffsy.

01 – JEFFSY29 – CF Pro Race – Deep Petrol – Side
Photo Credit: YT

The Pro Race version of the Jeffsy 29 has 150 millimeters of travel front and rear, while the rest of the lineup has 140 millimeters. The Pro Race version’s geometry changes slightly due to the longer fork and shock, about a degree slacker head angle and degree steeper seat angle.

The Jeffsy 27 gets much the same treatment as the 29 with all-new geometry. The head angle is now 65.5/66 degrees, seat angle 76.5/77 degrees and with a reach on a size medium of 442 millimeters. Also like the Jeffsy 29, the chainstay grows for the XL and XXL sizes, from 432 millimeters to 437 millimeters on the XXL with a reach of 505 millimeters.

02 – JEFFSY29 – CF Pro – Black Magic – Angle
Photo Credit: YT

For the Jeffsy 27, the Pro Race version sports 160 millimeters of travel front and rear, while the rest of the lineup has 150 millimeters. The geometry stays nearly consistent throughout the models, however, with only slight changes to things like reach and bottom bracket drop.

On both wheel sizes, the seat tube length has been significantly shortened. Not only does this help offer lower standover and broader dropper post size compatibility, it allows riders to choose their frame size by length, not by seat height.

Opportunist Extras

As we mentioned before, YT didn’t stop with geometry tweaks—it went a lot farther than that. The frame pivots were reworked for single-sided access, making maintenance easier and increasing wear life. YT has also designed the frame to cover the pivots on the seatstays so that mud doesn’t pile up in a vulnerable area. As a bonus, this also makes cleaning easier as it’s one flush surface.

New frame, new headtube design, new cable routing, new geometry—new everything.

YT’s are already known for its massive headtubes, and the Jeffsy MK2 continues that trend with an enlarged forward bulkhead for added stiffness (and a pleasing aesthetic, we might add). Other small frame changes include new cable clamps and plugs, and integrated frame protection, namely for the chainstay and downtube.

The seatstays are flush to prevent mud build-up on pivots, and the water bottle mounts using Fidlock magnet mounts.

An interesting choice was made for the water bottle mount—YT collaborated with Fidlock to create a system they call “Thirstmaster 4000.” The name aside, the system uses magnets to hold the water bottle in place instead of a tradition cage. This allows the bottle to fit in a smaller space, directly under the shock.

A Late Quartet

The Jeffsy will come in four models per wheel size, just as we saw earlier this week with the new Capra lineup. Each model will come in two colorways, and the carbon-framed models are available in S thru XXL while the alloy frame only goes up to XL.

AL Base

The AL Base models come in at $2,300 for a budget-oriented build with Fox suspension, an NX Eagle drivetrain, SDG dropper and DT Swiss wheels.

CF Comp

The CF Comp will run you quite a bit more at $3,500, but you get a heck of a lot more performance out of the build kit: Fox Performance Elite suspension, Shimano XT drivetrain (with e*Thirteen cassette), e*Thirteen wheels, tires and seatpost and a Renthal cockpit.

CF Pro

Jumping up to $4,300 is the CF Pro, which comes with Rockshox-flavored suspension (Pike RCT3 and Deluxe), a GX Eagle drivetrain, e*Thirteen tires, wheels and seatpost and a Race Face Turbine R cockpit.

CF Pro Race

At the top level sits the CF Pro Race at $5,700. That’s a good chunk of change, but we doubt you’re going to find a better spec’d bike for the price. Full Fox Factory suspension comes stock with e*Thirteen carbon TRS Race wheels and cranks, Shimano XTR drivetrain (with e*Thirteen TRS Plus cassette), e*Thirteen bottom bracket and TRS Race SL chainguide, Fox Factory Transfer seatpost and Renthal Fatbar carbon bars.

For the full build kits, and more information about the new Jeffsy, visit YT’s website here.


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