With 2×10 systems flooding the market beyond the XC crowd, the lack of a bash-guard system has become a concern to many of us who live in areas where scraping (expensive) rings is a potentially daily occurrence. Thankfully MRP has come up with a solution--the XCG. The XCG mounts behind the crank via either a ISCG BB adapter or directly to ISCG or ISCG-05 tabs. The XCG also adds chain security in that its backplate prevents the chain from dropping from the small ring, protecting the frame from damage.

XCG for SRAM Double Cranks
– The only bash protection available for SRAM’s new double 10 speed cranksets (XX, X0, X9, X7, AKA)
– ISCG, ISCG-05, and BB* mounting options
– Provides bash protection and its finned backplate prevents the chain from dropping off the small ring
– 122g (14g for ISCG adapter)
– MSRP $50 ($25 for ISCG adapter--required for frames without either ISCG or ISCG-05 tabs)

*Double-specific cranks must use an ISCG adapter in conjunction with ISCG version of the XCG for BB mounting for ideal spacing. MRP offers an XCG with a BB mount backplate, but it's designed for triple cranks and will not work with double cranks.

The current version of the XCG will cover double-specific cranks with up to a 42T chainring, but MRP claims it will have an optimized backplate specifically for 39T outer rings soon.

Look for an upcoming review of the XCG at bikemag.com