At the end of the month, the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) will be ending its status as a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association. Reverting back to being an independent non-profit organization, MBOSC’s change of status will point them more toward the group’s goal of building a “strong local trail stewardship organization.” While the organization is grateful for IMBA’s support in the past, MBOSC feels that IMBA’s restructuring over the last few years has moved the focus away from supporting local groups.

This model will allow all MBOSC member contribution to stay local. In short, MBOSC will be able to better focus on local issues and have its resources directed on developments in the Santa Cruz Area.

To see the full press release from MBOSC, visit their website here.

Some of the events and controversial decisions made by IMBA were discussed in a current Bike feature, “A Cause for Question,” by reporter Devon O’Neil, which examines the recent history of IMBA and the organization’s fluctuating position in the mountain bike political sphere.