By: Joe Parkin

Photo: David Reddick

After getting Bike’s own Ryan ‘Squirrel’ LaBar's take on this weekend’s Trestle All-Mountain Enduro—both in written and verbal form—I figured we should probably look for a saltier view. After all, releasing our resident reporting rodent from the office and sending him to a mountain-bike race was sure to make him stoked enough to forget anything ‘bad’ this inaugural event in and around Winter Park's bike park had to offer—even with his travel woes.

So I picked up the phone and called Bike magazine's special guest editor for the July 2011 issue, Mark Weir, certain that we'd come away with some harsh quotes, bagging on Ross Schnell's brain-child event.

After kicking off the conversation with a quick tangent into the world of firearms, I attempted to goad the Cannondale rider into throwing the Trestle event under the proverbial Greyhound bus.

"No, dude, you should have been there." Weir told me. "You would've loved it."

I protested, reminding him that we are both lowlanders, and that I only have eight red blood cells.

"Yeah. It's hard for these lowlanders to pull it off." Weir said, as he started talking about the double-digit elevation at the event.

"When we got there, Ben [Cruz] was feeling like he was just going to puke. His lips started turning all purple. I checked Ben's blood oxygen [with a pulse oximeter] and it was like 76 percent. I'm like, 'Dude, you're almost dead.'"

In the end, it was the high-altitude-loving Ross Schnell who took top honors at the event and praise from Weir.

"I don't care if it sounds weird for me to say it; the dude is rad. Rad Ross Schnell. He earned the nickname."

As for the race itself, Weir had nothing but a glowing review.

"This wasn't any kind of arm-folded downhill deal. This is the best enduro race in the United States—by far."