Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Opens Today

The Flow must go on

A question we’ve been asking for the past three months is finally getting answered. “Will bike parks open this year?” After we’ve seen openings at parks like Snow Summit in southern California, Highland in New Hampshire, and of course, Whistler (scheduled for June 29), today, Mammoth Mountain has joined the slow march back to normal. But of course, we’re talking about the new normal.

Mammoth’s Discovery Express 11 chair as well as the Panorama Lower and Panorama Upper gondolas are running. Also, the Village to Main Lodge Bike Park and the Chair 2 Parking Lot to Main Lodge shuttle buses are running as well, but will only be filled to 50-percent capacity. But the Canyon Express and Stump Alley Express chairs are still closed. Those happen to be the quickest ways to access most of the mid-mountain trails, so instead, riders will have to take the Village shuttle bus to either the lower-mountain trails, or to the Discovery Express chair. And of course, that bus dumps you at at the bottom of the Panorama Lower gondola, which will take you to the mid-mountain trails. It’ll also take you to the Panorama Upper, but all of the top of the mountain trails are closed at the time of posting.

Still closed at the time of writing this are Bullet Chain Smoke and DC 10 as well as a handuful of others, but the majority of trails are open, including Discotech, Flow, Follow Me, Pipeline, Twilight Zone, Velocity DH, and plenty more. Mammoth’s Trail Status page will give you all of the still-changing details.



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