Left Field: Social Distortion’s Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown

By Vernon Felton

Music critics often contend that Social Distortion passed its prime as a punk rock band in 1983, right about the time they finished their first proper album. Sure, they ladled some country into their basic, early `80s LA punk gumbo around 1990, but that’s about as far as the band’s musical evolution ever went.

I concede that the above is true.

And I don’t give a damn.

I like Social Distortion for the same reason that I will continue to buy every new AC/DC album that ever lands on the shelves of the nearest, god-forsaken Wal-Mart. I like Social Distortion because when you press play and turn up the volume, the band still sounds like an angry chainsaw that’s seconds away from jumping out of your speakers and wreaking some havoc. They, in short, still rock.

The clip below is, arguably, more interesting than the song itself (which hails from the bands 2011 Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes album and, admittedly, covers the same lyrical ground that Ness and Company always cover…you know, fucking up, hurting other people, finding faith and collecting a shitload of tattoos along the way).

The animated segment (it feels wrong to call it a “cartoon”) was created by Olya & Vera Ishchuk, “The Mad Twins.” Happy viewing.