Left Field: Viva The Social Media Revolution!

Famous people read nasty tweets about themselves

By Vernon Felton

Social media gives every man, woman and child within arm’s reach of a smart phone the ability to have their voice heard around the world. That’s a powerful notion in and of itself.

No longer are the masses doomed to be silent. Now, each of us has a voice that can be heard on every corner of the globe. Imagine what we could achieve with that! Imagine the brilliant ideas we could share! Imagine how we could break down social barriers and change the world for the better!

Or, instead, imagine us simply stabbing the keyboard keys in, say, Oklahoma, and instantly sharing our thoughts on the nature of Snooki’s vagina with a goatherd in Somalia and a nun in Rome.

Welcome to The Social Media Revolution.

The clip below (from Jimmy Kimmel Live!) features celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. It’s both hilarious and sobering.