Left Field: Kickstarting an Idea

Boombotix is looking to you to help fund new REX wireless speaker system

We live in an interesting age. Every time I see a Kickstarter project, my eyebrows go up.

Once upon a time, if you had a brilliant idea and no cash or rich uncle to bankroll your endeavor, said idea would generally rot in some dusty corner of your brain. Now, however, with funding sites like Kickstarter, you can throw your idea out into the cyberworld and attract a following of people willing to invest in your dream.

So, while you may or may not give a damn about an uber-portable, wireless, intelligent speaker system that makes sonic love babies with your smartphone (though I think such a thing is, in fact, pretty cool), the simple fact that you can now reach out to millions of people to fund something like this is pretty amazing all by itself.

Check out the video to learn more about said speaker system–the Boombot REX. The Boombotix folks have been working on it for about a year and a half and there’s just a couple more days to pitch in and help them fund their pilot production run.

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter page.