Left Field: Black Sabbath Teases New Album

Heshers around the world giddy like teenage girls for approximately 27 seconds

By Vernon Felton

This is what we’ve been reduced to–giddiness over the fact that Black Sabbath is showing off the artwork for their new album (“13”) and blessing us with a mere 27 seconds of Iommi and Butler sounding like the Sabbath of old. Having just re-read that sentence, I realize exactly how pathetic that actually sounds. Bummer.

Well, you either “get” this or you don’t. I understand.

If you are not a fan of aging, decrepit metal bands, the world is your oyster–it’s just brimming with dub step, Skrillex, house music and Pet Shop Boys reunion tours. If your tastes, on the other hand, run towards Marshall amps and bleeding ears, the world can be a bitterly cold place these days. This is our 27 seconds of Metal Zen. Click “play”.