In the East Coast’s last downhill race of the year, the “Last Chance for Glory” event at Plattekill Bike Park lived up to its name as racers fought for the final set of points in their quests to be the king of the hill.

The event, the last of Plattekill Bike Park’s USA Cycling seven-race series in Roxbury, New York, featured trails that are rarely used for racing.

Pro/Cat 1 racers competed on one of Plattekill’s favorite trails, “Unholy,” which is seldom used as a DH racetrack. The course is steep, tight and fast, making for intense, ridiculously fast runs.

Capping off the series in first place is Chris Higgerson, who has stood on the podium multiple times this season. Trailing closely behind in points is Brian Yannuzzi, who took home second place, with Justin Beer coming in third.

Plattekill’s hometown favorite, Geoff Ulmer, came in first in the DH finals on Sunday, but having missed a few races during the season was not able to build enough points to push past his fourth-place position in the overall points race.

Tentative dates for the 2010 race season are posted on the Plattekill website: