Words by Brice Minnigh
Photos by Anthony Smith

Kyle Strait won the 2013 Red Bull Rampage today, prevailing over a stacked field of the world’s most progressive riders to become the first person to ever win the iconic contest more than once.

While many observers said this meant that the ‘Rampage Curse’ has been broken, others disputed the final results, pointing to the high-water marks of other runs and claiming that the likes of Cam Zink, Kelly McGarry and Andreu Lacondeguy should have received higher scores.

As seems to be the case after each Rampage, the forums, Twitter and even Instagram were awash with assertions that the judging was flawed and that various riders’ runs should have received higher scores based on this or that criteria.

But looking past all the 20/20-hindsight observations—many from people who were not even physically present at the contest—the main take-away from today’s Rampage finals was that fans witnessed some of the most inspired, groundbreaking, big-mountain riding of all time.

Final Standings:
1. Kyle Strait USA – 87.50
2. Kelly McGarry NZL – 86.75
3. Cameron Zink USA – 84.75
4. Andreu Lacondeguy ESP – 84.25
5. Tyler McCaul USA – 80.50
6. Pierre-Edouard Ferry FRA – 76.50
7. Cam McCaul USA – 75.75
8. Brendan Fairclough GBR – 75.50
9. Garett Buehler CAN – 74.50
10. Thomas Genon BEL – 72.50
11. Ramon Hunziker SUI – 71.50
12. Mike Montgomery USA – 66.75
13. Logan Binggeli USA – 66.25
14. Wil White USA – 64.75
15. Geoff Gulevich CAN – 64.25
16. Nico Vink BEL – 63.75
17. Graham Agassiz CAN – 56.25
18. Kyle Norbraten CAN – 53.75
19. Brendan Howey CAN – 52.00

The following riders had a score of 0.00 because they did not complete their runs:

Mike Hopkins (CAN)

Brandon Semenuk (CAN)

James Doerfling (CAN)

Antoine Bizet (FRA)

Paul Basagoitia (USA)

Mitch Chubey (CAN)