Industry Nine’s New A35 Stem

A first for the American manufactuer

Photos: Industry Nine

When you think of exceptionally loud freehubs amidst seas of anodized, oversized spokes, you’re probably thinking of Industry Nine wheels. The American company makes some of the top performing hoops on the market, and it also happens to make some of the most colorful. Want a literal rainbow of spoke anodization to connect your lime-green hub to your carbon rim? Industry Nine can make that dream happen. Want a purple stem with a lime-green face-plate to match? With the new A35 stem, Industry Nine can make that happen too.

Until this stem, Industry Nine (I9) only made wheels and the derivatives thereof. This is the first other component we’ve seen, and it looks like I9’s taken its time to to hone it in just so. The A35 stem is, as the name suggests,for 35-millimeter handlebars. Sorry 31.8, no A35s for you. However, for a 35-millimeter clamp, length options abound—32-, 40-, 50- and 60-millimeter.

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Photo Credit: Industry Nine
Specifications. We all love our specifications.

What’s the best part about the new A35 stem? The colors. Every I9 nuance in hue is carefully covered with the A35. There’s eleven if you must know, which means multiple shades of the same color (ex: dark or light blue) so you can go full matchy-matchy with other parts on your bike. Or, if you really want to go crazy, the A35 can be custom ordered with mismatched face-plate and body colors. If our math is right, that’s 121 different combinations.

And yes, black is still an option.

Does the A35 stem mark Industry Nine’s entrance into the market of high-end aftermarket goods? Quite possibly. Perhaps I9 shouldn’t be thought of only as a wheel-and-hub maker, but instead as cycling-component manufacturer.

For a single color, it’ll run you $125 for the made-in-North Carolina stem. If you want to mix-and-match the price bumps up to $140. Learn more about the new A35 stem here.


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