While the temperatures might be mild at the moment, it’s only a matter of months before we’re begging for the sun to go away and the mercury to have mercy. The mid-summer sun can be relentless, especially when it comes to hydration. HydroFlask, better known for their insulated flasks, has ventured into the soft-goods world recently and has just announced a new line of hydration backpacks designed to keep your water cool during the hottest days.

The Journey uses three layers of thermal protection, starting with setting the pack off your back.

The Journey packs, which will come in either a 10-liter or 20-liter cargo capacity, utilize some unique designs to keep the heat at bay. To begin with, the Journey uses a HydraPak IsoBound 3-liter insulated reservoir. This reservoir has internal insulation and it's dishwasher safe too, so you could stock it up with your chilled beverage of choice and not worry about how to clean it down the road. The next layer of protection comes from a neoprene reservoir sleeve that is lined with a reflective material to redirect heat away from your water. Finally, the backpack is set away from your body with a mesh panel that creates an air pocket. This keeps body heat away from the pack, and as a bonus probably is more comfortable than a hot backpack right against the jersey.

Three layers of protection.

In case you do end up outside when the clouds cover the sun and the heat rays turn to water drops, the Journey packs are made to be watertight with taped seams and sealed zippers. The material is made to be puncture, tear and abrasion resistant too, so you shouldn’t need to worry if you end up going down. Each pack has internal organization for tools, pump and other gear, as well as a quick access front pocket and cell phone pocket. The packs come with a HydraPak Blaster bite valve and a magnetic hose clip.

A quick access pocket on the outside of the pack gives you easy access to what you need often. Just don’t fall on your phone if you put it in there.

With an anticipated availability date in April, the Journey 10 will retail for $165 while the Journey 20 will run you $200. Available in multiple colors, learn more about the Journey packs at hydroflask.com.