Guest Gift Guide: “Rad” Ross Schnell

“Rad” Ross Schnell is an all-around machine on knobby tires and an all-around nice guy. He’s claimed victories at Downieville as well as at the Singlespeed World Championships, and claims to be allergic to curly handlebars (he runs flat bars on his skinny tire bikes).

Welcome to the Guest Editions for the Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve asked some of our industry and athlete friends to compile their ideal gift lists. The catch was that they were only allowed to choose one product from the company they work for (or are sponsored by).

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By: Ross Schnell

26.5 oz jar of Nutell: $11

It’s big, it’s Nutella and it’s the holiday season. Enough said.

Smartwool Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew socks: $23

Whether I’m sipping coffee in the morning or out on the slopes, I like to have nice warm feet.

World’s ugliest Christmas sweater: Ebay Buy it Now: $60

What better way to “put out the vibe” than rocking this at your next holiday X-mas party. Classic.

SRAM PC 1091R 10-speed chain: $84

Riding in the winter wreaks havoc on your drivetrain, and I like having a drivetrain that works well. Hence the need for said new chain.

Loki Ring Jacket: $229

Warm winter jacket with neck gaiter and mitts built-in, Transformer style. Great for commuting, riding motorcycles in the cold, or tailgating with a cold beer in your hands.

Home Roasting Starter Kit from Sweet Maria’s: $306

Why spend $500 on a gift when you can spend $306 on a sweet Home Coffee Roasting Starter Kit that’ll pay for itself in a month. What better way to stay motivated through the winter than having good quality, fresh-roasted beans every day.

Dynafit DyNA Randonee Ski race boots: $1400

Just think how fast you could race or tour uphill in a sub-2lb ski boot. Seriously, think about it. Super stiff too, or so I’m told.

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