By: Joe Parkin

Welcome to the fourth edition of the weekly Bike magazine Holiday Gift Guide. For this week's installment, Joe Parkin goes all black.

All Hail the Black Market Sox: $12

From Bike magazine contributor, Stevil Kinevil: All Hail the Black Market Sox $12. Okay, one is white and one is black. You'll need to buy two sets if you can't stand white or can't stand black. But isn't mixed-up cool?

Oakley Factory Glove: $20
Get your throw-back, BMX rad on with these sweet gloves from our pals up the street. At 20 bucks you have change to spare.

Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath: About $60
Okay, it is really supposed to cost a hundred bucks, but you know you can find it for closer to $60. And it's Ozzy, man. Check your local record store or iTunes.

Fox Altitude Shorts: $99.95

Shorts from the Fox head, man. They're good, they're black, they won't let you down and at $99.95 they are exactly $0.05 less than $100.

RockShox Reverb : $300
It retails for $300 and is totally worth it. Take my word for it.

Surly Bikes 1 x 1 Frameset: $500
You can get these in other colors, but you shouldn't. Get it in black.

Industry Nine All Mountain Wheelset: $1085

The guys from I nine make some great looking wheels that work as good as they look. And did I mention they're available in all black?

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