Complayna's gift picks for your girl.

By: Elayna Caldwell

Welcome to the fifth edition of the weekly Bike magazine Holiday Gift Guide. For this edition, bike industry luminary and Mrs. Ed gives you some tips on what you should get your girl.

A subscription to Bike: $11.97

Sure, she might be able to borrow yours, but what if she hides it? At the special-offer rate is $11.97, which is like three cents less than 12 dollars.

Fox Racing Shox girl's t-shirt: $22

It will fit her better and will look a lot hotter than any of your bike tees.

Giro Xena gloves: $38

They're my favorites—the best fitting women's gloves ever.

Luna Valtellina shorts: $130

Even if you wear baggies you need good shorts, and these are gorgeous.

Oakley Enduring Pace Sunglasses – Breast Cancer Awareness Edition : $170

Proceeds go to support the Young Survivors Coalition (YSC)

Trek's Dirt Series Ride Camp: $310

Want to keep riding? You'll want to get your girl involved, too, so send her to camp. Trek's Dirt Series will help her feel more comfortable and have more fun on the trail. At its regular price of $325, you've got money left over for airfare. Buy now and its $310

A blue box from Tiffany & Co: $YEP

If you're spending this much, do not pass go, head directly to the jewelry store. Bike stuff wears out but good jewelry lasts forever.

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