Guest Gift Guide: Noah Sears from MRP

By: Noah Sears

Welcome to the Guest Editions for the Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve asked some of our industry and athlete friends to compile their ideal gift lists. The catch was that they were only allowed to choose one product from the company they work for (or are sponsored by).

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Bonobo – Black Sands album: $10

This album has become a recent favorite, a great soundtrack whether I’m at work, turning cranks, or getting sweet with my lady. The diverse sound is rich and orchestral enough to please the ear of the intellectual, but bleepy and boppy enough for blunt heads too (think equal parts Thievery Corporation, J Dilla, and Portishead). For extra credit, sync this album with the Caves episode of Planet Earth (on mute) and prepare to get mind-blown.

Jett Flight Glove: $27

This minimalist glove is almost as fashionable as wearing no gloves at all. No straps to rip or unnecessary stitching to unravel, these gloves deliver durability at what’s usually the disposable glove pricepoint.

MRP XCG: $49

Given the cost of replacing the outer rings on SRAM’s new double cranks, I can’t believe anyone goes unprotected! Available to fit virtually any bike, I think these puppies are about to go big.

Giro XAR (Ed. Note: This helmet is not yet available): $130

I hit my head a lot so I can appreciate a well made helmet, and this one is certainly that and more. The next generation of the venerable Xen, the XAR has a great fit thanks to Giro’s (updated and improved) Roc Loc system, sturdy construction, and offers more back of head protection than others helmets in its weight class–and most importantly, it’s available in orange.

Audioengine 2 Powered Multimedia Speakers: $199

I can’t live without music or bikes, and just as I can’t ride a Huffy I can’t handle crappy speakers. Audioengine speakers are pretty widely regarded as delivering high-fidelity sound at a reasonable price. In this day and age where most folks can carry their music collection in their pocket, traditional full-blown component stereos are overkill. This handsome pair offer a serous sound upgrade whether tethered to your iPod, Laptop, or TV.

Leatt DBX Comp II: $395

Any self-respecting Wu-Tang fan knows that you must protect your neck. Some scoff at the price, but I reckon those people have never seen hospital bills or spent anytime in a wheelchair. Wearing the Leatt makes me feel a bit smarter whilst I’m doing stupidly dangerous stuff. Along with a full-face helmet, it’s one bit of kit I never leave home without when it’s big-bike time.

Ibis Tranny: $1,399

I’ve been broken hearted and lonely since my short love affair with the Tranny ended(reviewed for Bike magazine 11/09 by Noah). It’s a little over the $1000 mark, but you can subtract the additional airline bike fees typically incurred when traveling thanks to its clever, packable design–another reason it’s the only Tranny I’d take home to meet mom and dad without regret. Kudos to Ibis for making the hardtail exciting again with this stiff, svelte, and overtly sexy steed.

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