Holiday Gift Guide Guest: Dain Zaffke – Giro

Guest Gift Guide: Dain Zaffke – Giro

By: Dain Zaffke

Welcome to the Guest Editions for the Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve asked some of our industry and athlete friends to compile their ideal gift lists. The catch was that they were only allowed to choose one product from the company they work for (or are sponsored by).

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Organic French Roast beans: $10

Stumptown has a big following in the Pacific Northwest for good reason: their coffee is flavorful, smooth and strong.

Keith Richards autobiography, Life: $23

I've read an excerpt from this book and it's incredible what Richards has survived. He truly defined the "rock and roll lifestyle".

Cazadores Tequila Anejo: $45

This isn't the very best tequila, but it's one of the better-priced "good" tequilas.

The North Face Venture rain pant: $69

I seem to have a dozen rain jackets and not a single pair of rain pants. Rain pants are essential for being a spectator at 'cross races.

Giro Code shoes – Black: $280

Giro's shoe designers put a big focus on fit and it shows. I was impressed as soon as I slipped my foot in the shoe. I've been riding the magnesium-colored Codes for a couple months, but I'd love to have the black ones.

Fox Racing Shox DHX 5.0 RC4 coil: $400

Air-sprung suspension is light and efficient and works remarkably well, but you can't beat a good coil-over. This Fox DHX is the best out there and will make any suspension bike come to life.

Nikon D7000: $1200

The more images I see from iPhones and point-and-shoot digital cameras, the more I appreciate good cameras. Having a good camera is great motivation to spend time learning about composition, camera settings and lighting.

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