Holiday Gift Guide Guest: Carl Decker – Giant Factory Racing

Guest Gift Guide: Carl Decker – Giant Factory Racing

This weeks guest gift guider is North American XC and super-d beast Carl Decker. Carl also managed to wrangle up a hobby more expensive than bikes–rally racing. Here is Carl’s personal wish list.

Welcome to the Guest Editions for the Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve asked some of our industry and athlete friends to compile their ideal gift lists. The catch was that they were only allowed to choose one product from the company they work for (or are sponsored by).

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By: Carl Decker

Knog Frog Strobe: $18

If they made a six-pack of these things, I’d buy one. Every townie should have one My rally car has two for co-driver lights. Handy.

Execuheli Remote Control Helicopter: $20

These crappy little helicopters take a lot of abuse, here at the Howse of Fun (Carl’s house). But eventually, something has to give. I need another. Good for keeping hand eye coordination over those cold winter months.

Deschutes Brewery Growler: $40

This is a two liter beer vessel with a compression cap that looks radical. Any of the local breweries will fill the growler for 10 to 15 bucks, and this bottle keeps it fresh for a couple of weeks. Draught beer from your own fridge.

Bar Mitts: $65

These bar mitts things are dorky as hell, but I don’t care. Great for long training rides. Alone.

Isuzu Trooper II with light body damage: About $250

Wanted (on Craigslist): Isuzu Trooper II with light body damage. Two fifty will buy a perfect car for learning to drive on two wheels. Weld some armor on the roof, pump up the tires, and make it happen.

Rekluse z-Start Pro Clutch: $629

These auto clutches are the business. Basically makes it so you don’t have to clutch. If I had a Rekluse, I could also go the full “Herbold” and run MTB-style double hand brakes. They make a kit for that too.

BF Goodrich Rally tire: $1000

A thousand bucks will get a set of these BFG rally tires shipped to my porch. This is the tire Pastrana and the Subaru USA guys run. You can blast through softball sized lava rock sideways at 70mph without puncturing and the grip is phenomenal. The downside: they’re really only good for about two hours of racing. Probably 1 second per mile faster than bargain 700 dollar tires though… and the Wheels of Teal (Carl’s rally machine) deserves the best.

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