Greg Herbold’s 7 Reasons Why RC is Cool

HB is just one of many bike industry folks with a fondness for radio-controlled vehicles.

Photos: David Reddick
Words: Greg Herbold

In almost every issue of Bike, we run a page called 7 Reasons Why, in which we extol the seven virtues of a person, place, thing, action or idea. We also have a page called My Trail that showcases a rider's favorite trail. In our November 2011 issue, former world champion downhiller and current SRAM spokesperson Greg Herbold's RC car track was featured as his trail. If you missed it, you can download the issue here.

While writing the piece for us, HB inadvertently penned a schweet seven reasons why RC is cool. Enjoy.

Greg Herbold's 7 Reasons Why RC is Cool

1) Run what you brung: New technology allows amazing fun time and ridiculous stunts on stock equipment. Sound familiar?

2) Gardening for launchers: It takes time to make and maintain these tracks. Imagine using the same loam, dirt, sand and tools for your garden—only for sick jumps. Also 1/10 scale jumps are way easier and faster to make than MX or MTB obstacles. There is less nutrition required when finished, too.

3) New hillbilly friendships: Finding guys with sort-of jobs that will help you pluck weeds, rake berms, water loam and take dictator-like orders, all for old V-brakes and scrubbed tires. Priceless! They will end up fixing you old truck or dune buggy sometime also.

4) Nerd alert: If you go race a local RC race, prepare to be schooled by awesome nerds who smoke Camels and drink milkshakes between motos. The fact that fitness is not involved makes it a lasting sport for aging bike riders. These guys know more about the cars they pilot than you know about your wife.

5) Incredible technical mental muscle-building: RC takes lots of concentration—just like riding. It does not surprise me that other fast guys like Mark Weir and Nicolas Vouilloz are addicted to the 'sport', and pin to win. Nico even raced in Malaysia for France last year at the 1/8-scale RC Worlds.

6) Everywhere is your track: We travel to a huge number of riding spots, most of which are perfect for a monster truck, rock crawler, drift car—or even mini RC action. At the airport or inlaws place…anywhere. Roost it. Have you ever seen a 'No RC' sign anywhere?

7) Twisting baby wrenches: Sound crazy but bike parts and RC share a very common feature—tiny parts. I have prototyped numerous items with RC widgets and, conversely, MTB parts on my RC. The suspension knowledge gained here is nectar in your flower. Riders have won World Cup races on prototypes made with 90-percent T-Maxx RC parts. No Bullshit.