Getting Off_Track at the Cape Epic

Our Instagram ninja, @off_track, was on hand for the Cape Epic.

Our Instagram ninja, @off_track, was on hand for the Cape Epic. Here are his photos.

The 8 days of Cape Epic madness begins.

Patrick Morewood and Mark Hopkins’ new Venture: Pyga … Like a tiger.

Alain Prost going for pole position here at Cape Epic Prologue.

Gary Perkin fresh out of retirement after a week here at Cape Epic.

Race briefing for over 1000 racers.

Not a fun foam party.

Adam Craig: Epic Suicide.

Extreme MTB photographer alert–helmet mandatory!

Day 3 Stage 2 Cape Epic dawns. So many tents.

Off to work.

Cameras wheels egos. Everything can and will break at the Cape Epic.

Right here right now heading into 147 kilometers.

Sauser pulls with 5 kilometers to go in stage 3.

Marathon Stage racing at its finest. Stander Evans George and Sauser–plus Gary Perkin sneaking his retired ass in too.

As Chopper Reid says “Fuckin Bang!”

Merida Songo Specialized and 360 Life Scott neck-in-neck with 9 kilometers to go.

Even pigs fly at the Cape Epic (couldn’t resist).

Photographers are treated well here at Cape Epic, maybe never again after this night.

As if there wasn’t enough water falling out the sky…

David George pushing hard… get it?

Marathon racers best friend–do you know what this is?

Gary Perkin getting lazy with his pan shots these days.

Specialized: “Epic” puddles and double entendres.

Swarm of riders.

360 Life had a big win to put them back into second in the GC.

Gary Perkin shoots for hamburgers these days.

Say goodbye to tents city after the final day’s finish.


Good ending to a winning day.

Oliver Munnik out supporting at the finish.

Craig Kolesky ingest blues.

Winning Specialized Epic bike

Cliffside media chasing at the Cape Epic final day.

Epic week all over…was a blur … Parting shot winners