Get Your Bike-Gear Groove On

Hats, hoodies, shoes and more. Dress well.

We’re not going to tell you that you need to buy new clothes. We’re not your mom–you want to keep wearing that manky Led Zeppelin shirt with the nasty stains down the front, it’s a free world. If it doesn’t stink, go ahead and rock it.

However….should you be in the market for a hoodie, some SPD-compatible shoes, a hat and the like, we’ve got some certifiably cool gear on our site (right here) at prices that’d shame those wankers at the mall. Ten bucks for a clean, stain-free shirt with the might Bike logo on it? Yes. Twenty bucks for a hoody with the same colors? Uh-huh.

Here are our own SPD-compatible riding shoes that buck the whole plastic ballerina shoe vibe.

How do we do it? No friggin’ idea. We just write the words, but the merchandising guys are clearly on top of their game. So, check it out. Rad stuff. Good prices. You get the idea.