Frostbike host, Quality Bicycle Products, is at its core a wholesale parts distributor. They channel other manufacturers’ products into the back doors of bike shops around the country. But they also produce a lot of their own parts that may not be glamorous, but show a keen understanding of what shops and, ultimately, riders need. Here are three things that will likely fly under your radar from QBP in-house brands, Problem Solvers and MSW.

Problem Solvers P-Nuts $20

Of the many places your tubeless tires might leak from, around the valve is the easiest to fix. Just tighten the hell out of your presta nut. But they really weren’t designed to be tight. In fact, it was debatable what they were designed for at all until tires went tubeless. But now we’re breaking our nails snugging them down tight enough to wedge the valve seal into the rim. And worse yet, if you leave them tight long enough, you may not be able to remove them without tools if it ever comes time to install a tube out on the trail. Problem Solvers P-Nuts give you plenty of grip and leverage to get your valves tight and un-tight when you need. The P-Nuts will be available this March.

MSW Tool Hugger Kit $48

Not everyone is on board with the gear strap lifestyle, but the numbers are growing. Those who may want to join up but will always leave their pack, pump and comprehensive multi-tool pre-assembled for big rides should check out the MSW Tool Hugger Kit. It comes right off the shelf with a CO2 inflator, two 20-gram cartridges, tire levers, a simple multi-tool, and a pretty darn good strap to hold it all together. Add a tube up to the size of a standard 29er, and you’re in the club. The Tool Hugger Kit is available now.

Problem Solvers MisMatch Shimano I-Spec / I-Spec 2 adaptors $25-$45

The Problem Solvers MisMatch system has long been a simple way to combine Shimano brakes and SRAM shifters and vice-versa. Though the original SRAM Matchmaker is many generations old, Shimano’s original I-Spec mounting is still being phased out. I-Spec 2 is now all the way down to Deore level, but if you’re upgrading your shifter and not your brakes (or vice-versa) Problem Solvers has a way to mount you up without adding a clamp to your bars. The I-Spec-specific MisMatch bits will be available this March.