Free Trip to Whistler with Shandro

You gotta enter this contest now

By Vernon Felton

Win a trip to whistler with andrew shandro

Photo by Sterling Lorence

It's like the friggin' Fairy Godmother of Mountain Biking waved her wand of righteousness and came up with this crazy package: free roundtrip tickets and ground transportation to Whistler. Free lodging for three nights in Whistler. 2-day lift tickets to the bike park. A day spent riding with Team Fox's Andrew Shandro. And--just to cap off the whole ridiculously rad experience--a videographer to film you getting rad with the Duke of Shred, His Royal Shandro-ness (they hand out titles like that in Canada...they were part of the British empire once). And did I mention the $100 gift certificate for dinner? Yeah, that'll buy a towering heap of raw fish at Sushi Village.

This trip is valued at $3,700, but most sane folks would just call it “the best three days of my life”.

So, what do you have to do to nab this dream come true?

Hardly anything--but you gotta do it now.

Like, seriously, dude, right friggin' NOW. Go tell your boss you'll file the TPS forms later, turn off Judge Judy and jump on this mofo, because you gotta enter before noon on July 31st--and, yeah, that's just a week away.

Here's how to enter. Go here and fill out the form--it'll take you less than 45 seconds. Click “Enter” and you're done.

Yeah, super easy.

So do it, dammit!

You'll be hating yourself for the rest of your miserable life if you let this one get away. Shoot, you can even re-enter the contest every day to increase your odds of winning. Get clicking.