By Vernon Felton

This is it: your chance to win a Diamondback, get flown out to the 2013 press launch and rip trails with Diamondback's DF5 development team.

Diamondback Bicycles just launched a new contest called, The Draft, and the premise is pretty simple: one of you readers out there will win a pimped- out Diamondback and a free trip that will have you ripping trails on July 21st, at Diamondback's 2013 press launch in Park City. What's more, the winner will be made an honorary member of DF5, Diamondback's elite product development team for 2013.

All you have to do is prove yourself worthy of being drafted onto DF5.

How do you prove yourself worthy? Simple. Go to the contest page( by June 30th, fill out the form and download your two best rides as recorded on Strava. Don't worry if you’ve never done the Strava thing--it's free and, if you don't own a Garmin, you can use a smart phone to track your rides and download the data to Strava's site. The whole process is about as complicated as making toast.

Diamondback will sift through the data (miles ridden, elevation gained, speed traveled, and so forth) and choose one of you as the winner.

If that winner is you, you'll soon be the lucky owner of a very expensive new bike, you'll shred trails and eat barbecue with Eric Porter and the rest of the DF5 team, plus you'll be able to put "Professional Product Tester/Super Honch" on your resume.

diamondback DF5

This could be you--riding trails with Eric Porter and the rest of Diamondback's DF5 Team.

Diamondback Marketing Hustler, Jon Kennedy and DF5 team member, Eric Porter, filled us in on the reasoning behind their novel twist on the traditional press launch.

BIKE: What prompted the contest and this entirely new approach to rolling out your next line of bikes?

Jon Kennedy: We really wanted to create something different than your standard launch. So, we made the call early on to bring the launch to the people... They're our audience.

Eric Porter: This is the best way to show the world what we, as a brand, are all about.  Rather than having everyone sit in a conference room and tell them what the bikes, brand, and rider are about, Diamondback is bringing them to my house to spend a day in my shoes with the rest of the team.

BIKE: What will the contest winner experience at your press launch?

Kennedy: It's going to be pretty rad, actually. The Mountain launch is going down at Porter's house in Midway, Utah, just outside of Park City. We'll gather in the morning for some show-and-tell, get everybody dialed on the bikes and out for a ride.

Porter: I’m lucky enough to live in a place with XC and DH trails right out my front door and I have dirt jumps and a pumptrack in my backyard, so people will get to spend the day riding my local setup and finish out with a barbecue and some of my homebrew beer.

Kennedy: Porter's not exaggerating--he's literally got trail right out of his front door, it's pretty sick. We'll return to a catered backyard BBQ event and we'll let the boys throw down on Porters big ol' dirt jumps and pump track while sipping some of his fine home brew. It's gonna be a pretty epic day all in all.

BIKE: What are you looking for (in terms of qualities) from the ideal contestant?

Kennedy: First and foremost we want a super good, personable individual who can rip. Intelligence is a huge plus and we definitely value someone who can articulate their experience on the bike. They absolutely cannot stink, though, and you will be docked a point for skinny jeans.

Porter: In my eyes I’d like to see a well-rounded mountain biker and all around good person; someone who gets along with the team and can also shred on the bike.  It’s gotta be someone who knows how to have fun too, that’s for sure!

BIKE: What are you expecting from the contest winner?

Kennedy: Performance, follow through, patience and a willingness to work with us. They also must respect the brand and be willing to be a good brand ambassador.

BIKE: What kind of input can/will they have?

Kennedy: We very much value the input of our riders and their feedback is crucial to our R&D. This individual (assuming they have what it takes to provide honest, articulate and well thought out feedback) will have the potential to have a fair amount of impact. You get what you give.

BIKE: The contest winner will go home with a bike, right? Which model? How long can they keep it?

Kennedy: We'll assess which bike is right for the contest winner. Obviously we'll want to get them the right bike for their riding style and preferences, but dude, the bike will be all theirs. Way to win!