#FoundAlongTheWay: Mike “Kid” Riemer Speaks

Industry luminary and all-around great guy, Riemer recounts some of his days as a pro photographer.

Steve Larsen

By Kevin Rouse
Photos: Mike “Kid” Riemer

Before Mike “Kid” Riemer was the marketing manager for Salsa Cycles, he was just another college student who found a mountain-bike mag on a coffee table and suddenly found himself chugging the proverbial Kool-aid. Shortly thereafter, working as a newspaper photographer, Riemer shot yesterday’s greats—and joined them in the lift lines as well. And most of the time that meant living in parking lots and occasionally bumming rides to the airport from Juli Furtado and the like. Fast forward a bit—and gloss over enough stories to fill tome upon tome—and Riemer is now riding a fatbike in the Minnesota winters, preaching by example Salsa’s Adventure by Bike philosophy.

We found some time to sit down with Riemer at Quality Bicycle Products’ Frostbike event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to listen to a few stories ourselves. It’s only a shame we didn’t have more time and a few beers share.

Also, be sure to check out the June issue of Bike to find out about Kid’s favorite trail in the latest edition of ‘My Trail.’

John Tomac.

Juli Furtado.

Kirt Vories.

Missy Giove.

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