By Dan Barham, Vernon Felton and Seb Kemp

Over the past decade, Bell’s been positioned as the “affordable” brand of helmets while its twin sister, Giro, received the sexy features.

That’s all changing. Bell’s new Full 9 and Super helmet models suggest that Bell is on track to regain some of its former glory as a high-end, no-holds-barred helmet maker.

What makes the Full 9 and Super unique? What’s at the root of this major change in focus at Bell Helmets? We headed down to Santa Cruz to get an inside glimpse of what’s happening at Bell.

Check out the video for the story on not just the new helmets, but also the crazy process of building a new helmet–from raw idea, to clay sculpture to finished product. A product that, at the end of the day, could save your life.

Welcome to another edition of Bike Magazine’s Blueprint video series.