Devinci at Crankworx

Prototype 29" Split Pivot and Stevie Smith's Custom Wilson

Devinci had an interesting booth this year at Crankworx. Whether they were serving fine French Canadian food, showing us Canada’s fastest racer’s rig, or flaunting their new prototype 29″ Split Pivot bike, we were glued to Devinci.

Words and Photos by David Peacock

Stevie Smith’s Canadian Open winning bike was on display, and Simon Gauthier of Devinci was kind enough to show us some of the custom modifications that Stevie is running. It turns out that World Cup level racing sometimes requires fine tuning, who knew?!

The most successful Canadian bike in a very long time. Stevie proudly runs a maple leaf colour scheme on his race bike.

When you’re top 5 in the world, there are a few perks. Custom paint is just one of them.

Rock Shox gets fancy with their arch paint…

…but keeps it simple when it comes to settings. Now you know what the pros run!

Kind of hard to tell from the photo, but that is a carbon fibre plate over the frame’s internal cable route. It’s held on by JB weld, and prevents any mud from getting into the frame and slowing Stevie down. Every second is a world of difference on the WC.

Among all the little things Stevie’s bike has, it’s easy to overlook a simple one: he’s running clips now. Stevie told us that it has been one of the biggest boosts in his confidence this year, saying “I can ride as fast as I want into any section on any track and not worry about getting bucked off.” So much for the whole, “pedalling power” argument!

It’s been a great year so far, and both Stevie and Devinci are looking forward to the upcoming La Bresse race, and further down the line, World Champs. Go Canada!

Yes, that is what you think it is. 29″ wheels, Split Pivot design.

The bike will be called the Atlas, and you can expect it to pedal like a monster and roll over anything.

As it is a prototype, the links are not the production versions, and many things are likely to change. We’re looking forward to the big wheeled joy ride (Crankworx puns abound).

This gold/bronze painted Wilson was also at the booth. No word on whether it will be in production or not.

Have your say in the comments, you never know who might be reading…

The green Chromag bars are an interesting pairing with the bike’s paint to say the least…at the end of the day, it’s all about performance and the Chromag OSX bars have proven to be a favourite.

That’s it from Devinci at Crankworx, congrats to them on Stevie’s Canadian Open win, as well as making the best poutine this side of Ontario!