four-piston shimano XT

Deore XT Brakes Get Four-Piston Upgrade

Shimano announces new XT Brake Caliper

As bikes get longer and slacker and riders get more aggressive, the necessity for consistent and powerful brakes is ever-present. According to Shimano, the new Deore XT BR-M8020 four-piston hydraulic disc brake caliper provides a 20-percent increase in power when compared to the BR-M8000 two-piston caliper. Fortunately, new M8020 calipers are compatible with existing Deore XT M8000 levers and the addition of the 4-piston calipers gives riders additional tuning options. The lever and caliper set will sell for $200, or $120 for just the caliper, and will be available in December.

Stay tuned for a full review as we put a set through the ringer.