Deep Summer Photo Challenge: Justa Jeskova, Third Place

Seeing the spirit of mountain biking in "Generations"

By Sal Ruibal
Photography by Justa Jeskova
Video edit by Mike Gamble

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The history of mountain biking spans just about 40 years, so the first generation of riders and the latest are able to share the same trails.

Born and raised in Slovakia, photographer Justa Jeskova fell in love with mountain biking in Whistler, B.C. In her Deep Summer entry, Generations, she seeks to capture the spirit of the sport in the form of five riders, ranging in age from eight to 71, male and female.

Jeskova describes her approach as "capturing real life, life in motion." Through her eyes, we see the connections, the passion and the love of the sport.

Jeskova, 38, was especially touched by the instant bond between the oldest and youngest riders despite a 62-year gap in their ages. Her photo of them talking like old friends after just a minute together on the lift says so much about the connections mountain biking creates. She made a personal bond with Fiona, a 58-year-old downhiller whose openness and bravery was a contrast to Jeskova’s more reserved and judgmental mother of the same age.