Cover Credit: Colin Meagher. Nikki Hollatz pedals Devil’s Backbone trail as Meagher captures early-morning light within the Entiat Mountains of Washington.

Many of the trails in the Northern Hemisphere are buried under snow, or will be soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning next season’s adventures. And our December issue starts off with a trip that will either stir your need for exploration, or make you never want to venture beyond your backyard trails again. In “It’s All Sunshine,” Writer Andrew Findlay finds a hardy crew to attempt the first known through-ride of the newly connected Sunshine Coast Trail on British Columbia’s remote, rugged coastline. With photographer Margus Riga documenting the daily struggles and triumphs dished up by the grueling route, the crew pushes and pedals their way along 120 miles of B.C.’s most demanding terrain.


In “Finding the Moment,” one of Bike’s earliest editors, Leslie Anthony, returns to the Kamloops gravel pit, where freeride mountain biking was born, along with the pioneering riders of the discipline and the film crew for “The Moment,” the documentary premiering this month on the birth of freeride. Anthony recalls his trip to the same location 20 years ago, which resulted in one of Bike’s most influential covers ever: Richie Schley dropping into one of the pit’s trail-less fall-line cliffsides, shot by Eric Berger.


And the December issue means it’s time for Dream Builds, our editors’ favorite frames of the year built with a specific selection of parts, this time with a single trail in mind.



Need more? Don’t miss out on “Grimy Handshake” or “Butcher Paper” columns in our December issue, as well as the final installment in our “Lines in the Dirt” series on trail access, on newsstands now or digital download HERE.