Dave Wiens Named Mountain Sports Director At Western State College of Colorado

The Topeak-Ergon rider will return to his alma mater to oversee the cycling and skiing programs.

Dave Wiens has had a storied career as a professional mountain biker. A six-time Leadville winner, he was the first rider to break the seven-hour barrier there. Wiens has also won two national titles, as well as two World Cup races. And, in 2000, Wiens was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.

At 48, Wiens still competes in many of the Leadville Race Series races, while also serving as director for the Gunnison Trails Commission, and now, he can also add Mountain Sports Director to that list. Accepting the post at Western State College of Colorado (Recently renamed Western State Colorado University), Wiens is opening up a new chapter in his career.

Weins will assume a coaching role as well as a recruiting role at Western State. As Mountain Sports Director he will be responsible for overseeing the Western Mountain Bike Team, the Freeride Ski Team, the Skiercross and Boardercross Teams and the Nordic Ski Team.

“It’s a whole new world,” Wiens told Bike, “but it’s still bike racing and skiiing--something I’ve been doing for a long time.”

In the past, Western State has had a consistently talented gravity squad, and Wiens is looking to bolster that by growing the team’s XC contingent, as well as padding out the women’s roster. Weins also identified cyclocross as a potential growth area, noting the stellar CX course already on the Western State campus.

“[We’re] looking for kids that love racing their bikes, then put them away for the winter and start doing mountain stuff,” Wiens said.

Source: Western State College of Colorado
(June 25, 2012) – Dave Wiens ('90), an inductee of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and a six-time winner of the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, will return to Western State College of Colorado/Western State Colorado University as the first Mountain Sports Team Director. He will oversee the club sport programs in cycling and skiing.

“It’s an honor for me to be able to be a part of this new beginning at Western,” Wiens said. “I have the opportunity to give back as the school moves into a new and exciting era with a new name, amazing new facilities and new programs.

“While much about Western is new, excellence in mountain sports is part of our heritage. The Mountain Sports Team will be built on the foundation that has been established by a long list of Mountaineer mountain sports athletes whose accomplishments are part of the history and legacy of Western.”

Wiens will oversee the operations for the Western Mountain Bike Team, the Free-ride Ski Team, the Skiercross and Boardercross Teams and the Nordic Ski Team. He will also be involved in recruiting, fundraising and budgeting for the program and will coordinate interaction between the teams in regards to facility and recreational land usage throughout the Gunnison Valley.

Under Weins, the Mountain Sports Team is expected to build on its recent success in the gravity and endurance mountain biking and the free-ride and Nordic skiing programs.

“I’m motivated to work with the two main pieces we have in place now, the mountain bike team and the ski team, and continue to build on what is already in place and has moved both of these teams forward during the last few years," Wiens said. “Additionally, I think that there are some yet-to-be explored opportunities out there which could fit nicely into the Mountain Sports Team program.”

Possible expansion opportunities include snowboarding, cyclocross and road cycling, ski mountaineering, trail running and whitewater kayaking. The Mountain Sports teams will have access to some of the top recreational areas in the nation with close proximity to Hartman Rocks and Crested Butte Mountain Resort.