Crankworx World Tour set to kick off in Rotorua

Enduro champion Jared Graves sidelined by injuries

Cover photo by Clint Trahan/Crankworx

That’s right, it’s all set to go off in a matter of hours on New Zealand’s North Island, in the town of Rotorua. Many of the world’s best riders will be competing for titles in various disciplines over the next five days. The Bike crew is on the ground and will be bringing you full coverage from all the action in Rotorua right here on

Note that 2014 Enduro World Series and Crankworx Whistler Enduro champ Jared Graves is injured and will not compete in Rotorua, as we discovered in a Facebook post this morning:

“So….time to let the cat out of the bag, to cut a long story short, 12 days ago while back home training I had a big crash where I wrapped myself around a tree and ended up with both shoulders seperated and significant muscle tearing around my shoulder blade in my back. Ive bee out and about riding lightly and slowly, but its not possible for me to race this weekend for EWS#1 in Rotorua. Been a very rough 2 weeks and pretty gutted to miss my first major race as world champ. Unfortunately it isnt April 1st either.”

Check out the infographic below to find out what to watch for this year: