Crankbrothers Introduces Iodine All-Mountain 29er Wheels

A first impression of Crankbrothers’ satisfying new American breakfast

I don't know about you but for me wheelsets are a lot like the all-American breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast: It seems like wheels and breakfast should be difficult to mess up but, all too often, they fall far short of our expectations.

Seriously, any cook worth his or her apron should be able to deliver a decent egg to your plate but, far too frequently, you get a yellow-and-white hockey puck that you could've made yourself--at home.

Where in the hell am I going with this?

Somehow I've been slotted in as Bike mag's official wheel-testing monkey this year. Not only does this mean that I've been getting pretty good at uninstalling and reinstalling cassette bodies and brake rotors, but that I've also become flat-out fed up with the ever-increasing number of wheelsets that feature freehubs seeking a divorce from their hubs.

Have you ever tried to simultaneously re-seat three (or more) sets of pawls after fixing a flat? While tired?

For starters, the freehub body on Crankbrothers' new wagon-wheeler-sized, all-mountain wheelsets stays attached to the hub.


Further, mounting tires on the 29er Iodines didn't require tire levers and an Act of Congress.

We'll give you the results of our long-term beat down later, but here are the numbers for now.

29er Iodine 3
1860 grams
2-year warranty

29er Iodine 2
1930 grams
2-year warranty

As for performance, while I've only spent a couple of hours aboard these wheels, I'd have to say that I'm extremely impressed with the Iodine’s stiffness.