Winners Announced: Contest: Win These Xpedo Face Off Pedals

And the winner is....

The answer is 321 topcaps. We had three correct guesses, so we put their names in a hat (ok, it was a pint glass) and drew one.

The grand prize (the Xpedo Face Off Pedals and a topcap) winner is:
Thomas Adams

Runners up, who also guessed correctly (and will be receiving a topcap and something extra) are:
Eliot Grigo
Steve Talbot

The other folks receiving topcaps for close guesses are:
Michael Doane
Pam Reid
Ben Hibbitts
Ben O'Neill
Gabe Musson
bobby blair
Jubal VW
Larry Cathcart

Extra Bonus prize goes to:
Mike Rye for being polite and asking nicely: “334 caps…but more importantly, can I have the blue Bike cap that looks like a pull tab, please?”

If you are on this winner’s list expect an email soon.