Cam Zink and Benny Philips Win Crankworx Best Trick

Photos and Full Report

The stories of today in terms of events were Cam Zink and Benny Philips, both of whom took home 4000 CAD for their efforts during the best trick contest. Read on for a brief write up and photos from the event.

Words and Photos by David Peacock

The Red Bull Joyride course was given its first official test today. Qualifying was scheduled for this afternoon, but after copious amounts of rain this morning, the event organizers decided to postpone qualifying until Friday afternoon. The best trick contest was up next, and given an extra two hours of sunny skies, the features managed to dry off enough to be rideable.

The skies threatened, but Best Trick was hardly hindered by the pitiful shower they produced.

The contest was held on two separate features, initially the trick step up that lives at the top of the course was the venue, and secondly the Kokanee cabin at the bottom. The first session saw a bevy of incredible attempts, most notably from Andreu Lacondeguy. Absorbing the crowd’s obvious energy, Andreu bended to their will and attempted a double backflip…twice. His first attempt was very close, but he over-rotated slightly and was unable to hold on. With the banks of Whistler shuddering from cheers, Andreu hiked up for one more with time running out on the session. Again though, he was unable to get the right pop and had to abort the mission mid-air.

Through the lens, Crankworx looks just as inviting.

Benny Philips, a young Australian rider, managed to impress his fellow competitors (the judges) the most on the step up feature. The kid from down under landed a 360 double downside tailwhip, which is hard enough to say and write, let alone do in front of thousands of people. With his win, Benny will be heading to the Joyride finals on Saturday. His toughest competition came from Cam Zink, who absolutely nailed a fully extended superman seatgrab backflip.

Feature two: the Kokanee Cabin.

Upon moving down the course to the Kokanee Cabin for round two of best trick, it became apparent that the level of competition was about to heat up. Most riders were flipping the feature with ease, and it didn’t take long for Yannick Granieri to ante up and throw a flip whip. He rode into the finish corral and skidded his way into a “claim”. Shortly thereafter, Paul Basagoitia went down hard doing a 360, and didn’t get up for several minutes. Once he regained his composure and left the course, it was Cam Zink’s time. The two time Crankworx slope style champion rolled casually into the drop and set a perfect corked front flip, landing effortlessly. Zink was awarded 4000 dollars for his performance, and was then accosted by fans and media alike, either asking for his autograph, an interview, or in a few strange cases, both.

Enjoy these photos from the event!

Yannick Granieri was up to his usual antics on both best trick features. His bag of tricks included a flip whip on the step down and a cork 3 one footed can on the step up.

One of the most creative riders of the day was Tyler McCaul, who came painstakingly close to landing both a double downside tailwhip and, pictured here, a bike flip.

Andreu visualizes…

…and commits. His no handed super man drew a massive cheer of satisfaction from the crowd.

Andrew Taylor amidst the media circus that is Crankworx.

Kyle Strait didn’t put up much as far as tricks (save for a double whip off the stepdown), but he easily had the best helmet. Photo: Ryan LaBar

Darren Berrecloth with one of the best 360 tables you’ll ever see.

Zink’s best trick in zone 1–a superman seatgrab backflip–was not enough to unseat Philips. Photo: Ryan LaBar

The best trick event drew the largest and loudest crowd of Crankworx thus far…expect slopestyle to top it by more than a hair’s breadth.

The spectators filed in an unruly rampage around the finish corral.

Graham Agassiz is often labeled as a big mountain rider because of his film segments, but he’s also quite the slopestyle wizard.

Kelly McGarry, undoubtedly contemplating something profound while awaiting his turn.

Yannick shortly after stomping his step down flip whip.

He was evidently happy to have survived his bikeless trip upside down over top of Whistler.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Kurt Sorge. Photo: Ryan LaBar

Jamie Goldman throwing some moto flair with a heel clicker off the stepdown. Photo: Ryan LaBar

BC local Mitch Chubey has been doing well on the FMB circuit this year, and also stomped a flip whip during best trick…


Zink throwing a huge front flip step down to win the Zone 2 best trick. Photo: Ryan LaBar

Congratulations to Benny and Cam on the victories, that’s all from Best Trick!