Bradley Wiggins Gives The Best Interview Ever

Tour de France winner takes the piss out of the press corps

By Vernon Felton

So, let me begin by apologizing to Seb Kemp for shamelessly poaching this clip from his latest, excellent News of the Tweet post, but I can’t resist: this is two minutes and 45 seconds of pure gold.

Having sat in on my fair share of race-day Q&As, I’ve often been astounded by the clueless questions that get lobbed at pros by the press. Clearly, there are plenty of times when the hack who normally writes about houseplants for the local daily gets transferred to the cycling beat. While there’s lots of that here, what makes this clip a treasure is the way in which Tour-winner Wiggins handles the clusterf*ck.

In just a few minutes time, Wiggins goes through the gamut of emotions.

For instance, there’s Can’t Be Arsed Wiggin: “Just ask the questions because I've gotta get home.”

Miserable Wiggins: “This has turned into a bit of a f*cking farce.”

Jaded Wiggins: “You should work for our government in the U.K. You'd make a brilliant spin doctor...You should work for David Cameron. You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?"

Amused Wiggins: “Have you ever ridden a bike? No? Never? It shows!"

And finally, Resigned Wiggins: “Alright, I'll see you tomorrow; try and think of some good questions between now and then.”

Check out the clip. It’s arguably the best piece of media to come out of professional cycling this year.