Bike October Issue


Girls Gone Wild

Every few years, a dozen wild women converge on a highly sought-after singletrack destination for a few days of riding, camping, boob jokes and bacchanalia. After a half a decade ban, the group returns to Moab for their rendition of Girls Gone Wild II. To find out exactly what happens when 12 girls run wild, Bike embedded our own beer-swilling, football-loving, hairy-chested correspondent among the girls. Would adding a man to the equation erode the female camaraderie? Or would the girls leave the dude's machismo on the side of the trail in a swirl of dust and pink boa feathers? Read on to find out how our intrepid reporter fared. (110)


Dirty Pretty Things

Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman. But what about the strong women—from where do they draw their inspiration? We asked that question of five of the most respected women in the sport: Rachel Atherton, Melissa Buhl, Micayla Gatto, Willow Koerber and Darcy Turenne. Many pointed to the strong, fast and fearless women who came before them—riders like Giove, Furtado, Tomlinson, Pezzo and Chausson. They also sounded off on high heels, maintaining their femininity in a male-dominated sport, and the art of swearing like a sailor. (120) Read the Full Story


Bright Eyes

Twenty-one-year-old Emily Batty is surreptitiously storming the world stage. The Canadian XC racer recently cracked the top 10 at the World Cup in Offenburg, Germany, and has racked up impressive wins at the Pan Am games in Chile, the Sea Otter Classic and in five consecutive Canada Cup races. We asked Batty about growing up on a farm, the challenges of racing for a regional team and whether her jewelry ever gets in the way of riding. (116) Read the Full Story



Diamondback’s quest to build the ultimate—and affordable—all-mountain machine


Bike Test

Foes FXR; Jamis Dakar XCT 2; Kona Minxy; and Mongoose Pinn’R Apprentice


Ask Chopper: The Singletrack Sage weighs in on the spin cycle, sore spots and self-help books, and then he gets medievel on kids’ bike and dishes out some poetic justice.

Grimy Handshake: Ferrentino fears the jackalope

Buzz: Images picked by our guest editor

Splatter: A proper premiere party; why Roc d’Azur rocks; Wilderness fallout; summer school; the Green Mountain gateway; and Jari Kirklands’s Crested Butte paradise