Bike Magazine Parties With the Pisgah Gnome

Hiking, biking, drinking, swimming and hiding with North Carolina's most famed Gnome.

As you hopefully know, we, Bike magazine, have been in Brevard, North Carolina, testing 2012’s latest and greatest mountain bikes. It was our first day of testing when we heard of the Pisgah Gnome game. The game is part scavenger hunt, part party, part adventure documentation. Simply put: find the Gnome, re-hide the Gnome, document the Gnome adventure with photos, and post it all to MTBR’s Adventures with the Pisgah Gnome thread (in the North & South Carolina section).

The Gnome, named Samford, seems to have a thing for hopped beverages and remote hiding places. Here’s our adventure with the Pisgah Gnome.

Day 1

Our adventure started with some amazing colors off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Samford was last seen hiding at the very top of Mount Pisgah.

Orienteering 101.

The 1.5-mile trail to the top of Mount Pisgah is hike only.

The summit.

And what is this?

Oh, hello there.

Vernon was super excited to meet Samford.

The peak offers quite the view.

And the hike back down. Samford wasn’t pulling his weight.

After a bit more hiking to the top of Pilot Rock trail, we were finally able to mount our bikes and get our descending on. We stopped here for more views of the color–it failed to help us catch our breath.

After an incredible descent, we stopped by the Pisgah Tavern for a few cold ones.

Samford was stoked.

We took Samford back to base camp for BBQ, tequila and to help with the late-night bike test conversations.

Cracking more cold ones…

…with Samford’s new accessory.

Day 2

And with a slight hangover, Samford was ready to ride.

Up, up and away.

Samford thought he met a new friend, but the rattlesnake didn’t offer a warm welcome–a coiled snake is not a friendly one.

We had no luck cleaning this stair-stepped climb.

We stopped at the top for some snacks. Samford might not like energy gels, but he seemed keen on candy bars (with the promise of beer at the bottom).

Which way did we go? Well, lets just say it was ‘a very’ fun trail. It also may have involved a creek.

There is a nice waterfall near the bottom.

Samford thought he could walk on water.

Turns out he couldn’t.

Hydie to the rescue.

Wet Squirrel.

Cheers! Plus a better look at the falls.

Samford is hiding in here.

Astonishingly the Gnome already had another adventure with in hours of posting its new location. Looks like it was an epic night ride. Nice work, Pisgah riders. Nice work.