Bike magazine headed for BC Bike Race

Publisher/Managing Editor duo make up Team Sad Sacks

Photos by Anthony Smith
Illustration by Ryan LaBar

The staff of Bike magazine is proud to introduce Team Sad Sacks for the 2012 BC Bike Race. With better-than-average office-chair fitness, the Sad Sacks—Bike’s Publisher Morgan Meredith and Managing Editor Brice Minnigh—have been officially ‘training’ now for days on end, and are sure to find fighting weight and World Cup form by the weeklong stage race’s June 30th start date.

Morgan Meredith finds his camera in the strangest of places

Meredith, who has made more than a dozen trips to B.C. to ride mountain bikes, seems poised for success, though an uncharacteristic trip to the beach resulting in a badly sunburned back has recently reined in his training intensity.

“I never take my shirt off,” said Meredith.

Big in Taiwan
Brice Minnigh smiling before the storm

Minnigh authored a story about the BC Bike Race that was featured in the December 2011 issue of Bike. With that kind of intimate course reconnaissance, he seems to have a leg up on many competitors.

Minnigh, who has largely eschewed any kind of systematic or scientific training, is one of Strava’s latest converts, and has become all business in the treatment of his BC Bike Race preparation.

“Now all I can think of is that I want to be the KOM,” said Minnigh “What the hell is wrong with me?”

Be sure to keep track of Team Sad Sack’s progress here and follow them on twitter. #goteamsadsacksgo

BC Bike Race


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