Bigger and Badder Than Ever

2012 Sea Otter Classic: A view from the trenches.

By Brice Minnigh
Photos by Anthony Smith

Did you really think the Sh*tbike is dead? First out of bed this morning and ordering a double just before last call. Yep--the beam has biceps.

We were pretty proud of our posh Travelodge digs until we hung out at SRAM's spartan campsite. Shit just got real.

Easton might well do 'hecka whatever,' but it remains to be seen whether they will pass the 'bar exam.'

Mullets Galore eat your heart out--just like the venerable Sh*tbike, this is all business up front and PARTY in the back!

The new Saint--the Father, the Son and the Holy Drift...

Shimano's new protection isn't Pope-approved.

These black cats might not have nine lives, but they sure will keep your head cool in the interim.

"Hey dude, did you see the big bike?"

"Holy Sh*t! It's as big as an Airstream!"

And you thought Brian Lopes' ego was big...

ZEE-whiz Wally, I'm worried about the Beaver...

Bike magazine publisher Morgan Meredith and managing editor Brice Minnigh talk to two North Carolina rippers about life, liberty and the pursuit of singletrack.

Canada's fastest downhiller, Steve Smith, takes a break from his California burrito binge to check out the latest issue of Bike.

Scrapin' on my scraperbike--the silver pack has got your back.

Rocky Mountain is definitely on the honey-DO list...